Winchester Guildhall


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More Dates Coming Soon!

Pre-Register Now

The UK’s Biggest Prosecco Festival, now featuring Gin,  
is coming to Winchester’s Guildhall!
Tickets now on-sale!
Don’t miss your opportunity to join us at one of the UK’s most talked about events !
Included within each ticket price is:
  • A FREE Glass of Prosecco on arrival
  • A FREE branded Prosecco glass – yours to keep
  • Souvenir wristband
  • A ”Little book of Gin & Fizz” souvenir guide
  • Access to all bars loaded with the UK’s widest selection of fizz available by the glass
  • Access to bars offering a handpicked selection of World Gins – including flavoured Gins & mixers
  • Access to Italian  street food stand
  • Dont forget your dancing shoes as every event includes a LIVE floor filling band.

VIP Tickets are available, and include all of the above, plus

  • Guaranteed seats within our VIP area
  • FIVE drink tokens