Hotel Football


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Sat 14 Nov 12:30PM - Sat 14 Nov 5:00PM
Tickets Avaliable
Sat 14 Nov 6:30PM - Sat 14 Nov 11:00PM
Tickets Avaliable
The UK’s Biggest Prosecco Festival, now featuring Gin,  is coming to Hotel Football in Manchester on Saturday 14th November 2020!
Don’t miss your opportunity to join us at one of the UK’s most talked about events !
Included within each ticket price is:
  • A FREE Glass of Prosecco on arrival
  • A FREE branded Prosecco glass  – yours to keep!
  • Souvenir wristband
  • A ”Little book of Gin, Fizz & Cocktails” souvenir guide
  • Access to all bars loaded with the UK’s widest selection of fizz available by the glass
  • Access to bars offering a handpicked selection of World Gins – including flavoured Gins & mixers
  • Access to Italian  street food stand
  • Dont forget your dancing shoes as every event includes a LIVE floor filling band.

VIP Tickets are available at some locations, and include all of the above, plus

  • Guaranteed seats within our VIP area
  • A drinks token Package

So round up your besties and grab your tickets, as Prosecco festival & Gin sells out UK wide!